“Don’t be afraid to stand out. Do what you love. Be who you are.”

“You can do ANYTHING you set your mind to”. Stacy Beckly

Looking for your next female lead who is friendly, warm and charming as well as strong, intelligent and fierce?, then look no further! Stacy Beckly is your heroine, femme fatale, agent, cop, lawyer, villain and comedic lead. Stacy has mastered going from her classic “Don’t mess with me I’m a serious bit&$ look in one moment to flashing a genuine smile and making you laugh out loud as you’re both toasting drinks in the next. Stacy has a passionate intensity about her but also a quirky lovable funny side. As a lead in the comedic film Sum of Your Luv she shines in the role of Lizzy, a woman scorned who surprisingly develops superhero type powers that will have the audience laughing. Stacy exudes wealthy entitlement as series regular Katie Gomez, the upper class reporter in the series inter mission. She mixes her intensity with her comedic timing in her role as a SWAT team lead in the comedic film Iowa’s Finest. Due to her education and experience in the medical field as a nurse and nurse practitioner she can easily step into the role of a medical professional on screen and she is currently working as series regular medical examiner Dr. Emily Blake in the series Dark Universe. Stacy displays just how intense and compelling she can be in her role as Kacee Rhona in the upcoming FBI thriller feature film A Killer Rising. Stacy’s real life role as Mom has prepared her for your next lead as the young, fun, sassy Mom who can be quite the spitfire when needed and she can also display raw, intensely dark emotions as she does in the supporting role as a distraught young mother in the films Running Deep and Justified Force. Stacy is also a writer and producer and runs her company OdeliaBeck Productions. Stacy Beckly is quite the go-getter and will certainly create her own opportunities when needed.

As a transplant to California, originally from Virginia, Stacy has fueled her desire for acting and lust to live a full and adventurous life. She has professional acting training from the Beverly Hills Playhouse and also trains at Groundlings as well as with multiple acting coaches and takes voice and singing lessons when needed. Stacy’s got solid British (RP), Southern, French and Brooklyn accents. As an athlete Stacy is constantly training in boxing and kickboxing and also works as a kickboxing coach/instructor when she is not filming. She loves to exercise and keeps her fitness at the highest level which has launched her into the world of fitness modeling. She also trains as a stunt performer and is able to do her own utility stunts. Stacy has an extensive education and many varied life experiences that have shaped her into the person she is today. She is incredibly positive, outgoing, professional and fun to be around. With a strong positive attitude and a determined mindset to never give up Stacy Beckly is not afraid to push the limits needed to succeed. Stacy’s goal is to be in major on screen productions in roles where she will be able to tell meaningful stories that are impactful. Stacy loves to inspire others through her work on and off camera and strives to always have a positive impact on the lives of others. Stacy Beckly will not only achieve her goals, but will surpass them and remind others along the way that they can do the same.